Inaugural CDOIQ European Symposium brings more than 150 data leaders to University of Lausanne

We were happy to host the Inaugural European CDOIQ Symposium on the 8th of September on the campus of University of Lausanne!

In 2022, the #CDOIQ brings the globally renowned Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ) hosted at MIT to Europe for the first time, in cooperation with the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (University of Lausanne – UNIL) and the Swiss Data Science Center (ETH Zurich & EPFL).

Under the theme “Data Strategies driving Business Values”, the inaugural European CDOIQ Symposium provides a platform for data leaders from industry and academia to collaborate on Europe’s hot topics and share ideas on data-driven innovation. 

Some key facts about the Inaugural Symposium:

  • 3 tracks 17 speakers and 20 panelists
  • 162 participants from 116 organizations and 20 industry sectors
  • 16 countries
  • 30 CDOs/CAOs and 66 senior data leaders

Participants commented on the excellent quality of speakers, content and appreciated the exchange between practitioners, academics, and partners.

Save the date for next year – September 14, 2023

Faculty Prize for Martin Fadler’s Dissertation on Enterprise Data Mangement

Congratulations to Dr. Martin Fadler who was awarded a Faculty prize for his PhD thesis on “Big Data and Analytics as a New Frontier of Enterprise Data Management”!

His dissertation comprises five excellent academic publications and contributions to the following topics:
* Building business intelligence and analytics capabilities
* Data & analytics governance
* Data ownership
* Machine learning for enterprise data management
* Data catalogs as emerging platforms for data democratization

Link to dissertation on SERVAL

Link to News on HEC website

Graduation at HEC Lausanne & Best Teacher Award

At this year’s Graduation Ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne awarded the “Best Teacher Awards for the Master in Information Systems” to Professors Christine Legner and Mauro Cherubini who distinguished themselves for the success of their courses as evaluated by their students.

Congratulations also go to the students in Information Systems for their achievements that our team supervised in their Master thesis and their excellent results:
Maxime Bayle – Data quality monitoring (Lonza)
Gabin Flourac – Developing and operating data sharing communities (CDQ) 
Sadek Helbawi – Prioritization and invoicing of support tickets (Agentil)
François Grau – Big data quality (academic thesis)
Anika Haque – Dashboard design for IT controlling (Centrale de Compensation)
Joël Kuflom – Redesign of processes for robotics process automation (Bank Santander)
Bryan Lam – Knowledge-sharing in professional communities (CDQ)
Arnaud Lebet – Data-driven product portfolio (Victorinox)
Cyrill Oswald – Affordances, constraints & misfits of a qualification management system (Merck)
Abirami Raghupathy – Cloud-based customer analytics service (Accenture)
Abdul Rahman Aloraib Alsalim – Selection process for digital solutions in the social and solidarity-based economy (Eternitee)

Congratulations to Clément Labadie on his successful PhD defense!

Clément Labadie defended his PhD thesis “Essays on Data Democratization and Protection in the Data-driven Enterprise” on July 13, 2021.

Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Michalis Vlachos as internal expert, Prof. Öykü Isik (IMD) and Prof. Felix Wortmann (University of St. Gallen) as external experts, and Prof. Felicitas Morhart as president of the jury.

Abstract of the thesis:
In the data-driven enterprise, large quantities of data are automatically processed to detect patterns, generate insights, and fuel business processes and business models alike. However, enterprises striving to become data-driven face multiple challenges. First, while a broadening audience of enterprise stakeholders need to work with data, they largely remain lodged in organizational and technical silos. Second, organizations must comply with strengthened data protection regulations to exploit personal data, which is key to successful data-driven business strategies. This dissertation explores the seemingly contradictory objectives of data protection compliance and increased data usage in enterprises. On the one hand, we investigate. enterprise data catalogs (EDC) as emerging platforms that support data democratization in the enterprise context. Based on insights from over 10 real-world EDC pilot projects in multi-national organizations, we identify emerging data-related roles and analyze how EDCs support their typical data needs and usages. On the other hand, we examine the interplay between data protection regulations and data processing practices, by linking compliance requirements to data management capabilities, embedded into a revisited data life cycle for personal data. In collating these two perspectives, we find that creating transparency on enterprise-wide data assets is a cornerstone of both data protection compliance and data democratization. Our contributions inform the redesign of data management practices and call attention to the need for diligent data documentation as essential building block of the conformable and democratized data-driven enterprise.

The entire team congratulates Clément on his successful PhD defense. We also thank him for the many contributions to the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) and for supporting the Bachelor course “Digital Business Processes & Enterprise Systems”.

Congratulations to Dana Naous on her successful PhD defense

Dana Naous defended her PhD thesis “Understanding User Perceptions and Preferences for Mass-Market Information Systems – Leveraging Market Research Techniques and Examples in Privacy-Aware Design” on October 30, 2020.

Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Kevin Huguenin as internal expert, Prof. Hanna Krasnova (University of Potsdam) as external expert and Prof. Felicitas Morhart as vice-dean and president of the jury.

Abstract of the thesis:
With cloud and mobile computing, a new category of software products emerges as mass-market information systems (IS) that addresses distributed and heterogeneous end-users. Understanding user requirements and the factors that drive user adoption are crucial for successful design of such systems. Existing IS theories and models contribute to a theoretical understanding of the adoption and use of IS in mass-markets, however they are criticized for not being able to drive actionable insights on IS design as they consider the IT artifact as a black-box. We argue that IS needs to embrace market research techniques to understand and empirically assess user preferences and perceptions in order to integrate the “voice of the customer” in a mass-market scenario. We aim at supporting the design of mass-market IS by establishing a reliable understanding of consumer’s preferences for multiple factors combing functional, non-functional and economic aspects. We apply our findings to the privacy-aware design of mass-market IS and evaluate their implications on user adoption.

The entire team congratulates Dana on his successful PhD defense. We also thank her for her excellent support of the Master course “Analysis, Modeling and Design in IS”.

Open PhD position (100%) in the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality

We invite applications for a

PhD position (100%) at HEC Lausanne
in the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CDQ)

Data sharing platforms and open/external data services

The PhD position will contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of a Data App Store that supports businesses in the discovery, integration and use of external data. The PhD candidate will be employed at HEC Lausanne and work in the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ – CC CDQ is an industry-funded research consortium that is researching, developing and testing solutions that advance data management in digital and data-driven enterprises. CC CDQ is being conducted between the Universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen and 20 renowned European companies (Bosch, Merck, Nestlé, PMI, SBB, Siemens etc.).

Desired qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or related field
  • Strong interest in one or more of the following topics: data catalogs, data sharing platforms, linked and open data, semantic Web and ontologies
  • Professional experience (e.g. as consultant) and/or relevant internships
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Good writing skills and fluency in English; German and/or French are a plus

Employment rate is 100% with a competitive salary and maximum contract  duration isfive years. Starting date is negotiable from October 2018 until the position is filled.
The PhD candidate is expected to enrol in the doctoral school in information systems at HEC Lausanne and will be supervised by Prof. Christine Legner.

Job announcement: UNIL-CDQ-PhD_201809_cle.pdf

Informal inquiries and how to apply:
For any inquiry about the PhD positions, please contact Prof. Christine Legner: or +41 21 692 3432.


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HEC Lausanne,
Prof. Christine Legner,

Matthieu Harbich joined the CC CDQ research team

We welcome Matthieu Harbich as new researcher in our team!

Matthieu received his M.Sc. in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. Previously, he worked at the Kudelski Group as a Data Scientist intern. His Master’s thesis suggested a generative clustering algorithm to understand customer’s behaviors in the Pay-TV industry and reduce churn. He completed his B.Sc. in Media engineering at the HES-SO with a Bachelor’s thesis on building and designing a web-based interactive video editing product, based on an open-source JS library written for this purpose.

Matthieu is currently working in the CTI project “Open Data to Business – Data App Store for the discovery, integration and use of open data in business environments”. Its aim is to link heterogeneous open datasets in a knowledge graph to increase quality and trust and to unlock the potential of open data for companies.

Nomination as Best Theory Development Paper at ICIS 2017

Our paper “Leveraging Market Research Techniques in IS – A Review of Conjoint Analysis in IS Research” co-authored by Dana Naous and Christine Legner was nominated as Best Theory Development Paper at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2017) in Seoul. The paper summarizes results of the SNF project “Don’t Guess, Simulate! – Understanding User Preferences for Cloud Services”.

ICIS is the most prestigious international conference in the Information Systems discipline, and provides a forum for networking and sharing of latest ideas and highest calibre scientific work amongst the IS profession. The ICIS Conference Proceedings are available for download in the AIS Electronic Library.

With the increasing importance of mass-market information systems (IS), understanding individual user preferences for IS design and adoption is essential. However, this has been a challenging task due to the complexity of balancing functional, non-functional, and economic requirements. Conjoint analysis (CA), from marketing research, estimates user preferences by measuring tradeoffs between products attributes. Although the number of studies applying CA in IS has increased in the past years, we still lack fundamental discussion on its use in our discipline. We review the existing CA studies in IS with regard to the application areas and methodological choices along the CA procedure. Based on this review, we develop a reference framework for application areas in IS that serves as foundation for future studies. We argue that CA can be leveraged in requirements management, business model design, and systems evaluation. As future research opportunities, we see domain-specific adaptations e.g., user preference models.

Congratulations to Kenny Lienhard on his successful PhD defense!

On December 5, Kenny Lienhard successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Routines in Patient Care: Essays on the Design and Use of the Information Technology Artifact”. Members of the jury were Prof. Christine Legner as supervisor, Prof. Mauro Cherubini as internal expert, Prof. Tobias Mettler (IDHEAP) and Prof. Albert Boonstra (University of Groningen) as external expert, and Prof. Olivier Cadot as president of the jury. Kenny’s dissertation comprises 6 essays, thereof 5 published conference articles (among them 1 x ECIS and 2 x ICIS) as well as 1 manuscript for an IS journal.

The BISA team congratulates Kenny on his successful PhD defense!

Presentation at the First Swiss Data Day “Managing Data as a Strategic Resource “

More than 250 participants attended the first Swiss Data Day on November 9, 2017 at EPFL in Lausanne. Professor Christine Legner held a keynote presentation on “Managing Data as a Strategic Resource – Foundation of the Digital and Data-Driven Enterprise”. She addressed the need for organisations to think about data and its management in new ways, as they engage in the digital and data-driven transformation of their business. The presentation concludes with three recommendations: (1) assess data’s business value and impact, (2) measure and improve data quality, and (3) democratize data and support data citizenship.

The presentation is available for download on Slideshare.