The Risk group in the national French TV news

Le groupe Risk de l’UNIL au 20 heures de France2

On Tuesday 3rd November 2015, three minutes of the TV news of the French national channel France2 were dedicated to research activities that Ludovic Ravanel (CNRS, University of Savoie) and the Risk Group (ISTE, University of Lausanne) have together in the Mont-Blanc massif. This research takes place around the Drus Mountain, an iconic peak of the Chamonix valley. The 1000m high West face of the Drus is affected by intense rockfalls since the beginning of last century. In June 2005, a large event of 265’000 m3 (Ravanel and Deline, 2009) destroyed the Bonatti pillar and numerous legendary climbing routes. Since 2010, the Risk Group proceeds to laser scanning acquisitions (LiDAR) every year in late season. These data are used to build high resolution 3D models of the relief, to estimate volumes of rockfall events and to analyze the mechanisms involved (Matasci et al., in prep).
On 2nd November 2015, two reporters of France 2 accompanied Ludovic Ravanel (CNRS, University of Savoie), Antoine Guérin and Susanna Büssing (both from UNIL) for one day work in the field. Their TV report was broadcasted the following day in the main TV news of France2:,130396764.html
(from 28’20” to 31’40”)