Fabian Eggertswyler: Analyse de l’évolution d’une commune soumise à des dangers naturels au moyen de techniques numériques. Etude de site: La commune D’ormont-Dessus.

Fabian Eggertswyler
Supervisor: Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff
Experts : Prof. Jean Ruegg, Alexandre Loye, Marj Tonini

Alpine valleys represent a significant living environment and are decisive for economic activities. Construction of buildings and roads in these environments where the soil is not easily workable is increasingly important. However, these regions are highly vulnerable to natural hazards and infrastructure development contributes to increasing the extent of damage caused by natural disasters (OFS & OFEV 2008).

Since 1997, management of natural hazards is part of territory planning. Obviously, the observation of natural hazards in the tenure of the soil affects our security. It is therefore essential to plan the land in order not to aggravate the potential damage in high-risk areas or even, to reduce them on the long range (OFEV & OFS 2007).

Located in the Prealpes, Ormont-Dessus, due to its geomorphology, is subject to various and multiple risks. Mainly by agricultural necessity, these high-risk areas have been long-occupied and exploited (STUCKI E. & ROGNON P. 1998).

The study of this localitie’s evolution affected by natural hazards provides a report indicating how infrastructures and communication channels have been built and developed over the past 60 years. The analysis of their spatial distribution reveals a sharp increase in the number of buildings in the village of Les Diablerets. On the other side, on the slopes Chaussy Para, exposed in the past to many avalanches, the building density has decreased significantly. Furthermore, the proportion of buildings located in areas of potential hazards and mainly affected by landslides, has changed little since bâtiments A deeper investigation for the analysis of territorial development and high-risk.

A deeper investigation for the analysis of territorial development and high-risk areas is possible.