Welcome to Ruoshen Lin

Hello, my name is Ruoshen Lin and I have started my PhD at the Risk Group, Institute of Earth Sciences, UNIL. I obtained my master’s degree in geotechnical engineering at the China University of Geosciences, Beijing (CUGB). And I have a background of remote sensing and deep learning for geo-hazards prevention. During my PhD, I will focus on the dynamic geological hazard susceptibility analysis (e.g., landslide, debris flow).
Contact: 0765769389/ ruoshen.lin@unil.ch

Publications and projects:

[1] R. S. Lin, G. Mei, Z. Y. Liu, N. Xi and X. N. Zhang Susceptibility Analysis of Glacier Debris Flow by Investigating the Changes in Glaciers Based on Remote Sensing: A Case Study. Sustainability.
[2] R. S. Lin, G. Mei and N. X. Xu Accurate and automatic mapping of complex debris-covered glacier from remote sensing imagery using deep convolutional networks. Geological Journal.

Research on the Technology of Intelligent Construction and Development of Land Transportation in Southern Xinjiang.