The 6th World Landslide Forum (2023)

The 6th World Landslide Forum was successfully held in Florence, Italy, from November 14th to November 17th, 2023. Professor Michel Jaboyedoff and doctoral students Li Fei and Amalia Gutierrez from the Risk Analysis Group at the University of Lausanne attended the conference in person. This event strengthened the collaboration between our group and scholars from the global landslide community. We made four presentations during the conference:

  • Michel Jaboyedoff: “Consequence – Frequency matrix as a tool to reduce landslide risk.” (Oral presentation)
  • Li Fei: “Rock failure analysis of an unstable Alpine slope using remote sensing and volume frequency relationship: the Brenva instability case study (Aosta Valley, Italy).” (Oral presentation)
  • Amalia Gutierrez: “Erosion dynamics and debris flow hazard in a changing climate: the case of the Dar river, an alpine torrent in Switzerland.” (Poster presentation)
  • Shobhana Lakhera: “Numerical calculations and scenario reconstruction of the February 7th, 2021, Chamoli Event.” (Poster presentation)