Some newcomers !

The group has the chance to welcome some newcomers those last months :

  • Federico Franzosi :
  • Stefano Cardia : Ph.D. student at the University of Bari, Department of Earth and Geoenvironmental Science. Currently joining a collaboration with the Risk Group of UNIL.

Formerly a digital artist, naturalist and a cultural heritage scholar, specialized in computer graphics and 3D data analysis, I am now involved in a project of 3D data acquiring and analysing for geostructural purposes, especially in environments protected for their archeological and historical importance.

I have several active collaborations and publications ranging from diagnostics of paleontological interest surfaces and monitoring of geological features especially in underground environments and caves linked to archaeological or naturalistic interests. Some of these can be found at

For the current project, in which is also involved Idrogeo S.R.L., a company based in Vico Equense (Napoli, Italy), as well as UNIBA and UNIL, I am dealing with the implementation of new computation codes aimed at the detection of discontinuity sets from 3D data.

  • Jingjing Wang is a Ph.D. student from the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China. Now she will stay at Risk Group of UNIL as a visiting Ph.D. student supported by the CSC scholarship for one year (2021.12.28-2022.12.28). Her supervisor is Prof. Dr. Jaboyedoff and Dr. Marc-Henri Derron. During her study in Lausanne, she will focus on applications of deep learning to landslide identification and assessment, Landslide Feature Engineering, Multi-source remote sensing image fusion, and feature extraction.
  • Veronique Merrien-Soukatchoff is an Engineer-Geologist. She is a Professor at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers de Paris in Paris where she carries out research in Rock Mechanics, applied especially to the stability of natural or anthropogenic slopes. She also has skills in Applied Geology and Hydrogeology. Her research focuses on the mechanics, hydromechanics and thermomechanics of fractured rock masses. She is a member of the International Committee on Landslides JTC1 and will organize the ISL2024 (International Symposium on Landslides) in Chambéry. In 2022 she is on sabbatical for 6 month and choose to come and work with UNIL Risk group. She appreciates it so much that she will probably come back in 2023.
  • Médéric Lorry is a master’s student in Geohazards from the University of Grenoble, France. He is doing his Internship in the Risk group from the 1st of May to the 30th of June 2022. He started a project with the cantonal museum of geology, working on historical photos of the massif of the Mont-Blanc that were taken by N. Oulianoff in the 30s. He is using SFM photogrammetry technics to rebuild 3D models on photos that were originally used for stereotopography.
  • Gautam Prajapati: a final-year undergraduate student in the Dept. of Earth Sciences of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, is a summer intern trainee in the Risk Group. He is passionate about the Internet of things (IoT), Spatial-temporal analysis of rock slope evolution using LiDAR data, creating scripts in MATLAB for solving geological problems, and application of Machine Learning in the field of Earth Sciences. His other areas of interest are Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR) using LiCSAR (an Automatic Sentinel-1 InSAR Processor), currently applying this technique over Darjeeling-Sikkim Lesser Himalaya and some other landslides to find the deformation due to tectonic activities.
  • Currently, at the University of Lausanne, he is working on the two projects: the 1st is to write the algorithms for calculating the factor of safety using different slice methods in 2D (Fellenius, Simplified Bishop, Spencer’s, Janbu’s simplified, Janbu’s rigorous and Morgenstern-Price) the model can be extended from 2D to 3D once succeeded. The 2nd project is trying to develop a method to improve the quality of DEM with the help of convolution and unfolding of the convolution products; the implementation will be from 2D to 3D. More details about publication and works.
  • Mansi Singh : I am Mansi Singh. I am currently pursuing my master’s in applied geology in Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Roorkee. I am an intern for 3 months in university of Lausanne. I am interested in working on weathering effect on rock slope stability to improve the rockfalls prediction. AS part of my project, I’ll be analyzing rock samples from the La Cornalle Landslide to better understand how mechanical weathering affects the regions, and results in the weakening of the rock mass.