Fieldtrip in Ticino to install a groundbased interferometric radar monitoring the instability of Simano

First fieldtrip of the year to Ticino and to the Cima del Simano instability to do some LIDAR acquisitions and to install th GB InSAR from LisaLab. This device is aimed at monitoring the instability and its mm to cm mouvements over time. We are now waiting for the first results and for the end of July, when the snow should have melted on the top, to access it and to do additional acquisitions such as :

  • measuring the structures,
  • reporting and drawing joints and fractures informations
  • installing GPS and thermometers,
  • acquisition with drone for sfm
  • acquisition with Lidar

This fieldtrip was also the occasion to monitor some other landslides and instabilities in Ticino canton such as the Preonzo landslide or the rock avalanches in Ghirone.