Post-earthquake Nepal

UNIL Risk Group recently returned from a two week field visit to Nepal where we were involved in two activities: The follow up of research and contributing to a workshop on landslides.  The  research component was to continue our study on land use trends, road construction and landslides in the Phewa Watershed near Pokhara, Nepal and monitoring of three bio-engineering sites with the project EPIC. The April 2015 earthquake had not affected this area so much, however on July 29 there was a large rainfall event (around 250 mm TBC) which caused around 50 landslide events and 9 casualties. We also visited earthquake affected areas in Sindhulpulchok where our group had conducted previous research on landslides.

The second purpose for our visit was to present our work on “Eco-Safe Roads” at a workshop “Consultative workshop on Landslide inventory, risk assessments and mitigation in Nepal” organized by the Government of Nepal with UNEP and other international organizations on September 28-29, 2015 at ICIMOD.
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Debris flow Phewa Watershed causing 9 causalities
Sindhulpalchok post earthquake damage
Sindhulpalchok post earthquake damage