New staff members at the Risk Analysis Group

The Risk Analysis Group welcomes three new members.

The group welcomes from April 25 to May 27, Melanie Mayers, a master student from Laval University in Québec.  Her master project under the direction of Jacques Locat contributes to the Parachute research project. The aim of this project is to integrate various technologies into a workflow for rockfall characterization along linear infrastructures, using a 260 km-long railroad as the study site which is located on Québec’s North Shore, Canada.

Caroline Lefeuvre a master student from the École nationale supérieure des mines d’Alès (EMA, France) is visiting the group from April 11 until September 9 . She will investigate various influences such as thermal incidences over rock slope stability at the study site of La Cornalle (Vaud). Hazards related to rockfall events will also be addressed.

Emmanuel Wyser is starting his Ph.D under the supervision of Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff. His research is oriented toward the study of granular flows and particle-based methods, with numerical and analogue models.