Bedretto field survey 2022

Field investigation for gravitational slope deformation at Bedretto, Ticino, Switzerland – which was interrupted for three years due to the pandemic, was done between 27 September 2022 and 8 October 2022. The survey was carried out by two professors from Japan (Prof. Masahiro Chigira, Fukada Geological Institute; and Prof. Satoru Kojima, Gifu University) in collaboration with the Risk Analysis Group, University of Lausanne. This field survey was supported by funding from UNIL.  In this field investigation, we completed the excavation of two trenches and these two excavated cross-sections were observed, described, recorded, sampled, and 3D modeled on-site. At the same time, drone-based photogrammetry work was carried out on the terrain near the two trenches. The last day, we conducted an on-site inspection of the possible faults shown on the DEM. All fieldwork is of great significance for interpreting the history and evolution of gravitational slope deformation at the Bedretto site. After completing the field survey, the two Japanese professors visited the Risk Group, Institute of Earth Sciences and gave a nice public presentation each to the FGSE members. During this visiting, Risk Group and Japanese professors had a lively discussion on the follow-up research work and the writing of scientific articles. Finally, we reached an agreement on the work we have done and we will do.

The Japanese professors’ visit is an excellent opportunity for our group to cooperate and exchange with researchers from other countries regarding the deep-seated gravitational slope deformation (DGSD). We thank them for their visit!