Monthly Archives: October 2017

4th Slope Tectonics Conference – Kyoto Oct. 2017

The 4th Slope Tectonics Conference was held from 14 to 18 October 2017 in Japan. It started with two days of presentations at the University of Kyoto and was followed by three days of fieldtrip in the Kii penninsula. As a reminder, the Slope Tectonics Conferences were initiated in Lausanne in 2008 (and then in Vienna in 2011 and Trondheim in 2014).

Michel Jaboyedoff and Marc-Henri Derron took part to this conference with two oral presentations:
3D failure surface and volume estimation of large rock slope instabilities: a review of a bottleneck problem
Slope deformation imaging of sandbox analogue models (LiDAR and InSAR)

Journée des Aléas Gravitaire (JAG) 2017

The group participated to the Journée des Aléas Gravitaires (JAG) in Besançon on October 23 and 24 2017. It was a great opportunity to exchange about many topics related to natural hazards. The group presented 5 talks and a poster, whose titles are below:

Imagerie de mouvements non-gravitaires dans des parois rocheuses

M.H. Derron, L. Rouyet, A. Guerin, C. Lefeuvre et M. Jaboyedoff

Fréquence de départ des chutes de roches

Hantz, J. D’Amato, A. Guillemot, C. Epinat, A. Guerin, M. Jaboyedoff et J.P. Rossetti

La simulation des chutes de pierres : les modes de représentation des particules sources et le choix de leur distribution spatiale

Noël et M. Jaboyedoff

Passer de la vitesse moyenne des glissements profond à des scénarios intensité-fréquence

Jaboyedoff, V. Artigue, Z. C. Aye, M.H. Derron, C. Gerber et S. Lévy

Au sujet des processus gravitaires au Rwanda et principaux défis.

Nduwayedu, M. Jaboyedoff, J.B. Nsengiyumva et M.H. Derron

Exploratory numerical analysis of dramatic granular collapse: invariance of scaling laws

Wyser et M. Jaboyedoff