Spring 2023 Mixed Edition

Dear MUSE’s super fans,

We hope you are all doing swell regardless of your current exam preparations! Remember, you are all tough cookies who have more strength and perseverance than you think! And our MUSE team is sending you its best vibes for you to power through! You’ve got this!!! 

On that note, if you need a fun little break from reading essays or research papers and wish to read something else for a change, then you’re in luck! MUSE has just published its spring mixed issue of 2023!!! That means that not only do you get to read your fellow students’ masterpieces online but you could also take home with you a printed copy too! You can grab one from the English Departments’ tables in Anthropole’s 5th floor hallway or from the new study room (ANT5139)! If you are a fan of reading cozily at home in bed, or on your balcony in the sun, or even at the lake with the ducks, this printed edition is your new best friend and is eagerly waiting to be read!

It is filled with a plethora of wonderfully written prose, heartfelt poetry, pictures, drawings, paintings and collages! Along with the creatively written texts, we have had the unusual – but always welcoming – opportunity to publish a short memoir on cultural identity and an opinion piece too! So many new “firsts” for our little magazine! In addition, we are excited to introduce you to our new special feature: One Star Book Ratings & Reviews! Can you guess which classic of all time these Goodreads users are ranting about based on these hilarious reviews? More interestingly, can you actually relate to any of these users’ frustration?? Which classic piece of literature deeply disappointed you?! And which outrageous review had you giggling the most???

As you were expecting, your favorite magazine has also kept up with its traditional staff interviews and Ask-the-Students peculiar questions and crazy answers! As a matter of fact, MUSE had the opportunity to interview one of the English Department’s newest staff members, Matthew Scully! He was lovely enough to give us the time to pick his brain and to answer all of our questions about his broad range of intellectual, cultural and artistic interests, his ideas and views on different topics and his upcoming book! And as far as our Ask-the-Students poll is concerned, this semester’s juicy question revolved around students’ dead-honest opinions on which UNIL faculty and/or department is most likely to survive in the case of zombie apocalypse ­and why! To our delightful surprise, we received numerous essay-long answers that tackled this trivial subject in all seriousness! We were amazed at these creative, imaginative and extensively thought-through replies! And we thank you all for making us crack up while reading them! 

Our whole MUSE team is extremely grateful to every single person who submitted to us their marvelous creations for us to share and entertain our readers with! We are deeply touched by your trust in us, and, boy, aren’t we proud of you for putting yourselves out there and daring to share with the world these lovely pieces of yours! 

Take good care of yourselves and enjoy this new edition!

With lots of love,

The MUSE Team