2019 - Winter

Daffodil, were I adamant as thou (based on John Keats’s “Bright Star”)

Image: ‘DSC_8638.jpg’ © bobosh_t. Source: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Author: Katharina Schwarck

Daffodil, were I adamant as thou—
In lone withstanding throughout frost and blight
Watching Eve’s sin fly by the verdant bough
Spring’s sprightliest, resolute Anchorite
The growing buds at their insurgent task
Of crucial cleansing of paternal grounds,
Or glaring on the old tendentious mask
Filled with hatred upon kitchens and crowns—
No—yet tenacious, yet intractable,
Flourishing through her ruthless loyalty,
To feel her vigour, indomitable
Keen in her zeal against propriety
Still, still to hear her deeply-taken breath,
And so grow ever—or else wilt to death.

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