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The Cherry Blossom Corpse

Inspired by Robert Barnard’s “The Cherry Blossom Corpse”

Norway, on a rainy and stifling night.


A red glamourous mouth was lingering on the venue of a mysterious man. Mrs. Amanda Fairchild, an aging but still attractive lady, had been waiting for the perfect tryst for a long time. The dangerous desire of meeting a random gentleman had always been her secret fantasy. She could not resist the idea of enjoying a quiet and romantic dinner at the well-known restaurant “La Terrazza”. As usual, she opted for a long dress and extravagant high heels. Meanwhile, dived in the semi-darkness of the suite number 31, the atmosphere was utterly different from the one at the famous dinner place. The grim sound of a record player at the end of its song, almost deafening, was escorted by the metallic melody of a gun being slowly loaded. A bad augury lurked. Patiently.

” I swear it’s gonna be done by the end of the night. I’ve got this stupid date with her in half an hour”, said annoyingly a tall and bearded man on the phone.

How could he have agreed to this arrangement. It was not the type of deal he used to make. However, a man in need of money is a man who would do anything and surely at any cost. The smell of his cigarette and its smoke made the room practically unbreathable. The deep and comforting feeling of the nicotine on his lips procured him a peaceful moment to think. Blood. Blood everywhere. The first time he had killed, he remembered having felt a strangely powerful feeling of taking an innocent life. The extreme ecstasy of comparing himself to a God. The reasons of his act had taken their roots in some past painful memories; a violent and absent father, who used to beat his mother, a loving wife who passed away eventually. The wrath, fed by his grief, was still inside him. On the wet kitchen floor, the lifeless body bathing in a red and smelly puddle and his eyes fascinated by the beauty of the scene. He was 12 years old. A poor lonely boy whose destiny had changed forever.

A memorable night – Ode to tender sexuality

One evening in May, under a moon smothered by majestic clouds, we strolled, hand in hand, towards the beach. The heat released from his hands instantly conquered the entirety of my body. Without warning, he tenderly hugged me against him. Empowered by a sudden carnal fever, I lost myself in the abyss of Love and kissed my lover’s lips madly. The gentle air of the night came to caress my bare chest, joyfully honoured by a rain of enterprising kisses. I struggle to resist his mesmerizing eyes. Without avail. In a daring mood, I lifted my skirt and rode him proudly. Lulled by the melodious serenade of the wild and nocturnal life, our two bodies dance an emotionally charged slow dance.


The green bench, witness of our union, gave way to the warmth of a bath, lit by the faint glow of candles, delicately perfuming the room. I approached him and stared at the pearling water on his skin. Two small dimples appeared on his cheeks as he smiled affectionately at me. In a timeless cocoon, I gave myself up in his arms and closes my eyes. The contact of my wet skin with his awakened a deep desire and we started to make love again.

Our enthusiasm pushed us to leave the humidity and heat of the bathroom and reach a smooth and delicate place aspiring to infinite temptations.

I found a silk scarf and tied his wrists, showing the certainty and ambition of my actions on my face. The tip of my tongue, determined and playful, tickled and licked his mouth with greed. The mischievous ordeal lasted for several minutes. A domination punctuated by noises and disapproving backstrokes that, however, did not make my cruel and burning aspirations pale. Begging me and bursting with impulses, he broke my rules and I lengthened his punishment accordingly.

When my pleasure was satisfied, I slowly loosened his bonds and gave him all power over my impatient body. It was with strength that he responded to my affront and bit the tip of my breasts. At the commands, I ordered him to grab my bottom and gently slid inside me until I heard him say my name. Then he came behind me, blowing hot air against my neck and entangled my fingers. He moved back and forth inside me, alternating speed, strength and gentleness. Trembling under the continuous waves of his member inside me, I bit his naked flesh as he grabbed my hair and penetrated me more deeply.

Drunk with happiness, I orgasmed as I stared at him and called his name. Still euphoric, I rushed my hand towards his erect sex and gently descended to the point where his satisfaction was guaranteed. I triumphantly endorsed the responsibility of his ascension to the seventh heaven and gloated when I heard his shouts of contentment. Lost in a whirlwind of emotions, we stayed in each other’s arms for a long time and without saying a word. I touched his face and he kissed me sensually.

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