Copyright © 2016-2017 Medical Image Analysis Laboratory, University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne (UNIL-CHUV), Switzerland

This software is distributed under the open-source BSD 3-Clause License. See LICENSE file for details.

The Medical Image Analysis Laboratory Super-Resolution ToolKit (MIALSRTK) consists of a set of C++ image processing tools necessary to perform motion-robust super-resolution fetal MRI reconstruction. This toolkit, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant SNSF-141283), includes all algorithms and methods for brain extraction [1], intensity standardization [1,2], motion estimation and super-resolution [2].

A Docker image is provided to facilitate the deployment and freely available @ Docker.

The MIALSRTK can be downloaded @Github.

Please acknowledge this software in any work reporting results using MIALSRTK by citing the following articles:

[1] S. Tourbier, C. Velasco-Annis, V. Taimouri, P. Hagmann, R. Meuli, S. K. Warfield, M. Bach Cuadra, A. Gholipour, “Automated template-based brain localization and extraction for fetal brain MRI reconstruction”, Neuroimage (2017). DOI

[2] S. Tourbier, X. Bresson, P. Hagmann, R. Meuli, M. Bach Cuadra, “An efficient total variation algorithm for super-resolution in fetal brain MRI with adaptive regularization“, Neuroimage 118 (2015) 584-597. DOI