Diffusion MR Imaging: from physics to brain networks





Organisers: P. Hagmann, E. Fornari, M. Bach Cuadra

2.5 ECTS


Diffusion MR imaging of the living brain allows mapping tissue microstructure and axonal fiber bundles connecting different cortical regions. As such it has become an essential neuroimaging tool that is largely used in clinical and basic neuroscience research. The course will provide relevant theory and practical exposure for the participant to become familiar with the various aspects of this technology such that he can integrate it in his own research.

Invited talks

We have several invited lectures from experts in the field: Prof. J.-Ph. Thiran (EPFL/CHUV), Dr. G. Girard (CHUV-CIBM/EPFL), Dr. Y. Alemán-Gómez (CHUV), Dr. A. Griffa (HUG/UNIGE), Prof. D. Van de Ville (EPFL/HUG).


At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the physical principles as well as the processing, analysis methods and statistical approaches relevant to diffusion imaging
  • Explain basics of bio-physical modeling, tractography, connectome mapping and functional connectivity mapping

At the end of the course the student will have:

  • Performed a voxel based morphometry and a simple connectome analysis on provided data
  • Read representative diffusion papers
  • Discovered the power of inter-disciplinary interaction by working on questions and hands-on exercises in a group of two.


  • Inverted classes
    • Pre class and in class reading
    • In class quizzes and discussion
  • Frontal classic but interactive teaching
  • Hands-on exercises with processing of provided data in groups of two persons introducing several software tools (FSL, Freesurfer, Matlab, Connectome Mapper)

Dates and preliminary schedule

The course takes place once per year (around January/February). It is a course that spans over a little bit more of one week. The schedule of previous edition (February 2020) can be found here Dates_and_Schedule.

Registration to the course

The course is limited to 16 participants. You can register by writing a mail to lndscourses@gmail.com (with your supervisor in copy) and stating “Diffusion MR Imaging” as subject. The dates and schedule for the upcoming edition of course will be announced in due time at the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School site.