Brandon Finley


Originally from the United States, I completed my bachelors and master’s in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado, Boulder (in 2022 and 2021). In addition to Applied Mathematics, I specialized in Computer Science where I utilized deep learning, reinforcement learning, and statistical machine learning models for various research problems and projects. Among them, I was a part of CLIMB (Climate & Machine Learning Group in Boulder), led by Claire Monteleloni, where I helped create a convolutional neural network to predict break spells in central India. For my master’s thesis, I worked with Maziar Raissi, Francois G. Meyer, and Claire Monteleloni to develop a model that found optimal data transformations for a tabular dataset using reinforcement learning. Now living in Lausanne, Switzerland, I hope to utilize my skills in computational computing for questions related to glacial and landscape modeling with a high quality of code and algorithmic efficiency as well as scientific outreach with beautifully constructed scientific visualizations. For future aspirations, I hope to do software in a domain where I can also stimulate my creative side and help answer pressing issues.