Yuniarti Yuskar

Research Statement

Earth constantly springs ideas and inspirations, where Indonesia is part of it.  Indonesia has a complex Geological aspect that resulted in various geomorphological landscapes, which correlates with my interest in quaternary sediment in the fluvial system and geomorphology evolution.

I live in a relatively flat area near a meandering river where it is constantly flooding almost every year in the rainy season. I consider that many aspects can cause flooding, as it is controlled not only by tectonic setting, climate changes but also caused by anthropogenic activities. The natural processes include erosion, weathering, and sedimentation that created unique features and channel movement through time. So, it digs my deepest curiosity to answer future geological conditions by learning in more detail about quaternary sediment, geomorphological evolution, and its relationship with climate change.

Scope of My PhD

My Ph.D. research aims to apply Luminescence dating for defining high-resolution ages of Quaternary sediment and modelling geomorphology evolution in tropical fluvial systems. However, natural bleaching and sunlight exposure will give a challenge in this area. So, I would seek further methods of luminescence dating, especially to tackle these challenges.

I will do my research in Riau Province, Indonesia, which is located near to the equator and comprises four major rivers that constantly flood each year. Flooding happens not only due to the geological setting but also due to climate changes and anthropology activities. I will combine field observations, laboratory analysis, and geostatistical modelling to construct the relationship between tectonic setting, sedimentation, and climate changes that caused geomorphology evolution through time in the meandering fluvial system.


I began my adventure in geology in 2003 when I was in bachelor’s study at the Faculty of Geological Engineering University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia. Then, I continued my study to master degree, and in January 2012, I obtained a Master of Science in Geology from Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia. My Thesis talked about Facies Sediment analysis and 3D modelling for Subsurface mapping. After that, I became a lecturer in the Geological Engineering Department of Universitas Islam Riau – Indonesia until now. As part of my job, I researched several topics, and hereafter, I become so interested in Quaternary Geomorphology in Fluvial System.

In February 2021, I got the opportunity to start my Ph.D. at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, University of Lausanne (IDYST, UNIL). I’m happy to join ICE Group to develop my Luminescence Dating skills as a method to determine the ages of Quaternary Sediment. Furthermore, I also become part of ALPWISE Group to improve my ideas about Geomorphology Evolution in Tropical Fluvial System. I am eager to learn and enhance my knowledge, work and befriend people from many countries. You can find out more about my research from my ResearchGate profile here.


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Yuniarti Yuskar
University of Lausanne
Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics
Géopolis, office 4413
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 (0)21 692 35 43