Open positions

We’re hiring! New positions open to join the ICE team:
Updated 20.10.23: Christoph and Georgina are looking for a PhD candidate to work on a global Quaternary sediment dynamics! Wind-blown deposits accumulate under specific climatic conditions, and therefore provide valuable archives of palaeoenvironmental change. Over the past few decades, an enormous amount of data has been generated constraining these records (timing of deposition, environmental properties). In this project, we seek to create a database of these data and to apply innovative data mining techniques to explore patterns of global palaeoenvironmental change. The ideal candidate will have experience of quantitative geoscience and/or data science, with programming skills in R/MATLAB or similar and GIS/Spatial data analysis skills. An interest in palaeoenvironmental change is essential. Deadline is November 15th 2023 and applications must be made via the UNIL jobs portal here.