The ICE team are involved in teaching a number of different courses at the University of Lausanne, and also act as guest lecturers at other institutions such as ETH Zürich. Lecturing gives ICE members the opportunity to introduce BSc and MSc students to the topics and techniques that our research is concerned with, such a numerical and geochronological methods.

Sampling completed! MSc Environmental Science students in Ferpècle, Valais, Switzerland.

Georgina leads an MSc class called “Dates & Rates of Landscape Evolution” which is focussed on understanding Little Ice Age ice-dynamics in Ferpècle, a valley located near to Sion in Switzerland. The students are tasked with developing a sampling strategy for luminescence rock surface exposure dating, that will constrain the rate of ice retreat since the Little Ice Age maximum. The students prepare and analyse the samples throughout the semester, before developing a simple ice-model that can predict the final luminescence ages. Yuni prepared a short video from our field trip in September 2021 that you can see below:

“Dates and Rates of Landscape evolution” field class, Ferpècle, Switzerland, September 2021. (Video made by Yuniarti Yuskar).