We are hiring!

In the framework of a newly-funded project by the Swiss National Science Foundation entitled “Reconciling geological and modelled reconstructions of Alpine glacier evolution from the Last Glacial Maximum into the Holocene”, we are looking to fill 1 PhD and 1 2-year-long PostDoc positions at the University of Lausanne (UNIL, ICE group, https://wp.unil.ch/ice/), as well as 1 PhD position at the University of Zurich (UZH, 3G group, https://www.geo.uzh.ch/en/units/3g.html), Switzerland.

Please check under the “open position” menu to know more.

Welcome to Kejdi, Daniel and Samuel

We are happy to welcome three new group members working on glacier modelling with the “Instructed Glacier Model” :

Kejdi Lleshi has a master in Geophysics obtained at Universite Grenoble Alpes, France, and did a master’s thesis in Grenoble on “Icequake localization using full wavefield time reverse imaging”. Kejdi starts his PhD on paleo glacier modelling using new Machine Learning emulation techniques.

Daniel Bonser has a master’s in physics obtained at the University of Exeter, UK, and did a master’s thesis on “Quantum Optimal Control to Decipher Avian Magnetoreception”. Daniel starts also a PhD in paleo glacier modelling that includes new ML acceleration techniques to explore long-time scales.

Samuel Cook has a PhD in Glaciology obtained from Cambridge in November 2020. Samuel got a 2-year-long postdoc from the faculty and will work on ML-aided inverse modelling to infer the basal conditions of glaciers, having spent the last two years working on data assimilation as a postdoc at IGE in Grenoble.