XII International IAEG Congress, Torino

The 12th international congress of the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG) took place in Torino (Italy) from 15 to 19 September 2014. Several members of the risk group attended the conference and presented their work (see the list of contributions below). The conference was also a good opportunity to meet people working on similar topics.

Michel Jaboyedoff presenting his work
Michel Jaboyedoff presenting his work

Contributions (co-)authored by the group:

  • Abellan et al., Velocity Prediction on Time-Variant Landslides Using Moving Response Functions: Application to La Barmasse Rockslide (Valais, Switzerland) [Video]
  • Carrea et al., Automatic Rockfalls Volume Estimation Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
  • D’Amato et al., Investigating Rock Fall Frequency and Failure Configurations Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner
  • Humair et al., Inventory of Rock Slope Deformations Affecting Folded Sedimentary Layers in Moderate Relief Context: The Case of the Livingstone Range Anticlinorium, AB, Canada [Video]
  • Jaboyedoff & Derron, Methods to Estimate the Surfaces Geometry and Uncertainty of Landslide Failure Surface
  • Jongmans et al., Application of Ambient Vibration Techniques for Monitoring the Triggering of Rapid Landslides
  • Matasci et al., Stability Assessment, Potential Collapses and Future Evolution of the West Face of the Drus (3,754 m a.s.l., Mont Blanc Massif)
  • Michoud et al., Slope Instability Detection Along the National 7 and the Potrerillos Dam Reservoir, Argentina, Using the Small-Baseline InSAR Technique
  • Nicolet et al., A Simple Method to Include Uncertainties in Cost-Benefit Analyses