Risk group @ EGU 2016 in Vienna

Twelve persons of the Risk Group participated to the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, on 17 April to 22 May 2016. This huge meeting brought together 13’650 scientists from 109 countries with 4’863 orals, 10’320 posters and 947 PICO presentations.

It is always an excellent opportunity for our group to meet new people and other scientists we work with during the five days of the meeting. The Risk Group people presented 30 contributions as first authors whose titles are below.

Austria Center

Jaboyedoff in PICO talk

Presentations: 2 orals and 3 PICO

  • A Multi-Scale Approach for fracture characterization. Maxime Collombin et al.
  • Automatic and global optimization of the Analogue Method for statistical downscaling of precipitation – Which parameters can be determined by Genetic Algorithms? Pascal Horton et al.
  • Rapid Offline-Online Post-Disaster Landslide Mapping Tool: A case study from Nepal. Roya Olyazadeh et al.
  • An Offline-Online Android Application for Hazard Event Mapping Using WebGIS Open Source Technologies. Roya Olyazadeh et al.
  • Impacts of the May 2015 bad weather in Western Switzerland. Jérémie Voumard et al.

Posters: 12 posters

  • A prototype web-GIS application for risk analysis of natural hazards in Switzerland. Zar Chi Aye et al.
  • Stability of Molasse: TLS for structural analysis in the valley of Gotteron-Fribourg, Switzerland. Mariam Ben Hammouda et al.
  • Specific analysis of the recent rockfall activity in the southeast face of the Piz Lischana (Engadin Valley, Graubünden, Switzerland). Susanna Büsing et al.
  • Combining SLBL routine with landslide-generated tsunami model for a quick hazard assessment tool. Martin Franz et al.
  • Intraday monitoring of granitic exfoliation sheets with LiDAR and thermal imaging (Yosemite Valley, California, USA). Antoine Guerin et al.
  • Testing failure surface prediction methods and deposit reconstruction for the landslides cluster occurring during Talas Typhoon (Japan). Michel Jaboyedoff et al.
  • Simulation of the transfer of hydrocarbons in unconfined aquifer in tropical zone: the case of benzene. Amenan Agnès Kouamé et al.
  • Analogue and numerical models coupled with structural analysis to investigate the runout of dry granular flows. Céline Longchamps et al.
  • 4 years of high-resolution LiDAR erosion monitoring of an elementary gully in the badlands of SE France (Draix). Benjamin Rudaz et al.
  • Characterization and monitoring of the Séchilienne rock slope using 3D imaging methods (Isère, France). Cindy Vulliez et al.
  • Regional transportation network blocked by snowdrifts: assessment of risk reduction strategies by the example of the wind event of February 2015 in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Jérémie Voumard et al.
  • Analysis with SfM on-motion method of July 2015 extreme rainfall impacts on the S-charl valley road in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Jérémie Voumard et al.