PhD defense of Catherine Cloutier ULAVAL Québec

On the 10th of February 2014, Catherine Cloutier held her PhD defense at ULAVAL Québec. During her PhD, she spent 3 months at university of Lausanne in the risk group in 2011. Her PhD committee was composed of Prof. J. Locat (director, ULAVAL), Dr. R. Couture (GSC), C. Froese (ERCB), Prof. M. Grenon (Ulaval) and M. Jaboyedoff (UNIL). The PhD entitled “Évaluation du comportement cinétique et du risque associé aux glissements de terrain rocheux actifs à l’aide de mesures de surveillance: Le cas du glissement de Gascons, Gaspésie, Canada” was dedicated to the understanding of a rock slide affecting a train line in Gaspésie, to the development of a full monitoring system of this instability and a risk assessment of this situation. The whole team of “IGAR” congratulates Catherine for her outstanding PhD. This PhD leads to papers together with ULAVAL and UNIL. We wish her a great success for her future academic career.

This trip was also the opportunity to talk about research projects, student exchange programs, and future events such as the next 3ème Journée de rencontre des risques et dangers naturels which will be linked to 1ere rencontre francophone des risques naturels.