Participation to the course: Landslides and other Geological Hazards in Active Volcanic Environments

EGU / CoE FORM-OSE -4-9 July 2016 – Ponta Delgada (São Miguel Island, Azores), Portugal

On Tuesday, 5th July 2016, Michel Jaboyedoff (3-7 July 2016) gave a course in the EGU / CoE FORM-OSE – Post-graduate Training School 2016, entitled: How to deal with landslide susceptibility/hazard assessment and incomplete data

Lahar in São Miguel Island

25 PhD young researchers were attending this course Among which two of our PhD students or long stay visitors (Maryam BenHammouda, UNIL and Ryan Kromer, Queens University). The exchanges were very fruitful and the course atmosphere was great. The visit of several landsides site were very interesting in such volcanic dynamic environment. Thank you to Rui MARQUES, Jean-Philippe MALET and José Luís ZÊZERE for the excellent organisation.