Molasse stability at Fribourg

Stabilité des parois de molasse dans la région de Fribourg
Since March 2015, a new project has started with the Canton of Fribourg dealing with cliffs collapse in marine molasses. Mariam Ben Hammouda, PhD student from the Risk-Group, is working in collaboration with Benoît Mazotti, scientific collaborator of the Natural Hazards section in Forest Service and Wildlife (SFF) of Fribourg.
Because of some recent rockfalls, 4 sites were selected to survey the stability of molasse cliffs and to study the triggering factor.
In that purpose GigaPan acquisition were done for two sites and Lidar scanning for all of them (
This project aims to assess the susceptibility to rupture of cliffs in molasses and it will be involved as a case study in Mariam’s PhD.

Gottéron Madeleine

Left: a site in the Gotteron valley (with the LiDAR device). Right: site of La Madelaine (with the Gigapan device).