Member of the PhD committee of André Stumpf at University of Strasbourg under the supervision of J.-P. Malet

On December 18th December 2013, M.Jaboyedoff participated to the PhD committee of André Stumpf at the University of Strasbourg. The title of the PhD (under the supervision of J.-P. Malet) was: “Landslide recognition and monitoring with remotely sensed data from passive optical sensors”. The work of A. Stumpf was considered as outstanding by the Jury. It demonstrates the great potential of image analysis for landslide monitoring purpose. He presented his work with great skill. Several people of the risk group were associated with him within the project SAFELAND, which will lead to publications together. The group of Risk at UNIL-FGSE congratulates André for his great job, and wish him great success in his future academic career.