Léonard Jaton: Development and application of a hydrological and slope stability model using Matlab

Léonard Jaton
Supervisor : Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff
Expert : Pascal Horton

This master thesis is focused on the development and application of a hydrological and slope stability model for use on catchment basins.

In the field of natural risks analysis, and particularly those of quick rises in river water levels and resulting floodings as well as landslides, a modeling of the hydraulic processes taking place in a catchment area during periods of rainfalls is a crucial point. This allows a better comprehension of the way water is transported downhill, and so permits to better identify and predict dangerous areas and events.

A computer program is therefore developed in Matlab to model the various intervening principles and obtain results of flow rates and slope stability from precipitation data on the area of study.

The following paper is made up of a first chapter presenting the theoretical concepts used as well as their adaptation for the model. The program and its functions are then detailed and explained, fol-lowed by a section of tests and application of the model to firstly theoretical then natural basins. In a last chapter, several criticisms of the model and other development ideas are proposed.