Landslides and Floods Training – Les Diablerets

The field work training in Les Diablerets related to the Landslide and Flooding modules from the Specialisation certificate for the Assessment and Management of Geological and Climate Related Risk (CERG), have taken place between the 26-30 May 2014. This international training aims to increase the capacities of local scientists on disaster risk reduction related to natural hazards (

During the field work, the teaching team was composed by: Dr. Corine Frischknecht and Dr. Irene Manzella from the University of Geneva, Dr. Olivier Lateltin from SwissTopo and David Consuegra from HEIG-VD Yverdon Les Bains, and Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff and Dr. Ivanna Penna from our Group Risk (University of Lausanne).

The field work in Les Diablerets was attended by 19 students from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, who conducted a risk assessment considering the contribution of landslides and debris flows to flooding, and evaluated the vulnerability of the exposed values and infrastructure, with a final goal of a risk map construction.

Drone capture - CERG-C 2014 Group