Cécile d’Almeida: Model and cartography of the Saint-Eynard cliff erosion by rockfalls

Cécile d’Almeida
Supervisors: Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff, MSc. Antoine Guerin

Rockfall hazard is a major concern in mountainous area and its characterization is needed to set proper safety dispositions. An estimation of the erosion dynamic of the Saint-Eynard cliff near Grenoble in France, is performed using a lidar detection method of rockfall between 2015 and 2017. The detection of the rockfall allows to set an inventory of past events. Based on this inventory, a power law is fitted to model the frequency-magnitude of the fallen blocks. A stability analysis of the fitted power law distribution is performed making the use of a eight years database on the Saint-Eynard cliff from previous studies. Further, the use of the lognormal distribution to model the frequency-magnitude is evaluated and compared to the power law fittings. It appears that both the power law and the lognormal distribution model with the same order of accuracy the frequency-magnitude distribution of the rockfalls. Finally, a preliminary work on a semiquantitative analysis of propagation hazard is performed using the Rockyfor3D and Trajecto3D model.