Luminescence laboratory

Optically stimulated luminescence is a versatile technique which can be used to determine the age of a depositional feature such as a glacial moraine and fluvial sediments (OSL dating), the erosion and/or uplift rate of a mountain (OSL thermochronology) or exposure of rocks to light (OSL bedrock exposure dating). The OSL laboratory is presently equipped with three Risø TL-DA-20 readers, including a time-resolved pulsed-OSL and photon-timer and a dual infra-red and green laser single-grain dating system.

Recently, we acquired a HPGe detector for gamma spectrometry.

Computing facilities

Our modeling activities are included within the geocomputing group activities. The cluster park is currently composed of two clusters. The octopus GPU cluster is the flagship machine, composed of 136 Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X accelerators. The discovery cluster is a 3 nodes GPU/MIC machine, and was designed to test different hardware accelerators and intra-node memory bandwidth optimization.