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‘Accidental’ ;-) QTL cloning from our lab published in New Phytologist

A root growth QTL gone astray is a germination QTL:

Amélia Amiguet-Vercher, Luca Santuari, Miguel Gonzalez-Guzman, Stephen Depuydt, Pedro L. Rodriguez and Christian S. Hardtke (2014): The IBO germination QTL encodes a phosphatase 2C-related variant with a non-synonymous amino acid change that interferes with abscisic acid signaling. New Phytologist, doi:10.1111/nph.13225.

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“Biotechnology & Biodiversity – towards Biotechnoversity?” – now online

Christian’s talk at the Plant Diversity & Seed Heritage event organized by Swissnex San Francisco can now be viewed online. It starts at about 39 min. into the video (chapter 9) and is preceded by a highly educational talk about crop diversity and biotechnology by agricultural scientist Kent Bradford.



Code for Sankar et al. 2014

The code for the Automated Quantitative Histology approach described in Sankar, Nieminen & Ragni et al. 2014 is available in the following files that are contained in this linked archive: this file is the pipeline for automated image processing and information extraction.
halfdawn_function.R: this file contains the list of functions for image pre-processing in order to get the binary pictures.
runGetBinarized.R: this file contains the call to the wrapper function *getBinImages* used inside the pipeline.
- postSeg_function.R: this file contains the list of functions for feature extraction and segmentation data processing (color circle map generation, incline angle calculation, etc.)
runGetFeatures.R: this file contains the call to the wrapper function *getFeaturesOverall* used inside the pipeline.
runSaveOverlayedImage.R: this file contains the call to the function *saveOverlayImage* used in the pipeline.
- ML_function.R: this file contains a collection of functions for the machine learning.