2021 - Spring

Atlas Suite

Image: @ Timon Musy

Author: Timon Musy


The ground is flat and dusty,
The owl sings and wonders
Why it is on the moon.
The masks float,
Above the mangrove the candles burn
And no one asks
Why trees would grow on the moon.

On the moon,
There is a telescope.
And with this telescope
We can see the moon.
No one looks at it though,
We only long for magic.
And why would we look at it,
Since there are trees on the moon?

¤ ¤

Two young girls are kissing
In the nebula
Behind the house

The old lady finds
In her bed

A supernova, somewhere,
Deep in the blackness of space
Consumes itself
Nothing’s left,
Yet it existed.

¤ ¤ ¤

The neon light above the door saturates
The coffee machine
The air
The tables
Eyes open the man sleeps against the window.
A drunken and empty cosmonaut suit.
The ground is flat and dusty.

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