2015 - Summer

Sort of Poems

Image: © brewbooks on Flickr.

Author: Céline Stegmüller

Despite knowing you for many years

I rushed into your life like

a comet rushes through the sky;

Like a comet, driven by its fire.


I rushed into your life

maybe too fast, maybe too much.                 Light or fire?

I rushed into your life

supposing you’d be happier.


Like a comet driven by its fire

Light, like sudden realization.

It seemed to me only right

that I should rush into your life.


I’ve been here silent,

watching you from far away

And suddenly you looked at me

And I fell from the sky.


You had me falling for you

But am I burning too bright?



People around


I have people

surrounding me


mixing, twirling, screaming

a whole lot of silences

dying to be heard.

Thoughts drowning in ink,

paper hugging lives.


I follow the wind

I drink sunset light


on the lake’s mirror.

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