2014 - December

Poems by Elvis Coimbra Gomes

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Author: Elvis Coimbra Gomes 


I remember how I got here,
How it surrounded me with fear.
Its mesmerizing texture,
Smooth layered dust luster,
Appealed my curiousness
To a certain excess.
The sun’s sweltered light,
Blinding and melting my sight,
Shined on the uncracked mud’s crust,
Tannish sand’s rust.
Eager to examine
This deep sludge-filled basin,
I plunge my hand
Into the surface of the sand
And lost my balance
Along with my prudence.
Sinking down into the unknown,
I feel how it wrings every single bone.
Now stuck in the dense viscosity
Of flabby, pulpy, mushy consistency,
I try to get out of this trap
But liquefaction fills the empty gaps.
It stifles my body
With a breathtaking anxiety,
And I see no other solution
Than freezing my body’s motion.
The more I fight,
The more I sink
Captured in this thick scare,
I see myself in sorrow despair.



His feet are dragging on the floor,
      I stand up and I applaud loudly in response to
This scrubbing sound (which) is raping my ears.
      This girl, who cheated on me; she is aware of how
My sand filled eyes glimpse a tiny ray of light. Too bright.
She tore my heart. I’m stuck with this image where
The door handle is turned to the right. He leaves the room.
      Two tongues sway the betrayal dance on saliva ground.

Silence surrounds me again. And I –
      I’m pregnant! I feel an inner pressure against my testicles.
The door opens. His feet…The comeback.
      Cut my belly with a saw and give birth to this being!
The noise! My dried mouth can’t yell at him.
      What is that? Not human! This Xenomorph crawling
The water bottle, rustling plastic,
      From the inside of my belly and grasp your face ferociously.

He uncaps it, drinks a Nano-gulp, followed by a sigh of relief.
        I see people dropping down from the skyscrapers.
Hhhhhha… The sigh of great achievement.
       The fall decays their bodies and their rotten odors invade
My nose! It burns. A reeking smell in the room.
      The entire city! A virus! No adults survive, while
Chemical beauty is in the air; substances interact with skin and hair.
      Childish anarchy is spread like fire. Power and chaos!

He arranges his hair in front of the mirror.
      The reflecting surface is waving liquid silver. Suddenly, a bony hand
Goes out of the room and closes the door.
      Springs out of it and seizes my neck with
His floor sweeping steps fading in the corridor…
      Its flesh boring, long fragile fingers. I’m screaming in the crimson stream:
Good morning! I’m awaken with abused senses.




The more I understand
That I don’t understand
Your philosophy,
The more I understand
That it’s impossible
To fully understand.
This understanding
Of misunderstanding
Brings me further
To understand.
But then again,
I will misunderstand
To understand again,
That it’s always already
In understanding
The misunderstanding.




In this clear night,
I took you in my arms.
Touched you.
Felt your smooth body.
Slid my hand on your sexy curves,
Up to your neck.
Pressing my fingers on stimulating points
And sweeping my other hand
On your thick straight, smooth soft hair.
Your sound…
You like it.
I like it.
I will make love to you
Under the eager voyeurs’ sight,
And we will resonate our passion
Through our rhythm.
Maybe tonight
Is the night
You will touch my soul.
Again. Skin shivering.
As you know
Performance anxiety persists
Every single time,
Pounding my heart
Out of my chest.
This fear of unexpected failure
You don’t care.
That’s why I love you.
It’s not worth to imagine a life without you.
For eight years you’ve been there,
Picking up my pearly tears,
Filled with untold secrets. With pain.
I’m completely naked in front of you.
You will never cheat on me, never hurt me.
Though sometimes I hurt myself
When I go too hard on you,
When passion boils in our bodies,
From our chest, down our spines.
But you like it, as I like it.
The lights are on.
The crowd is yelling.
The stage is ready for us.
I will rock your body.
Let’s make harmonious love
All night long…

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