English Department Quiz

Our partner, Books Books Books, the only English bookshop in Lausanne, and ourselves are launching a quiz that will allow you to win awesome coupons for the bookstore! All you have to do is complete the quiz and send it to muse.unil@gmail.com (please indicate in the subject “Books Books Books contest”) until the 15th January, and we will choose three lucky winners by drawing lots from the people who have successfully answered the questions.

The first prize will get a 50 CHF coupon, the second one a 30CHF coupon and the third winner will get a 20CHF coupon. Isn’t this great? Think about all the books you’ll be able to buy – this is paradise!

Good luck!

(Hint: you will find all the answers on the department’s website, so start browsing!)


English Department Quiz 

  1. Who edited Kathleen Jamie’s poems?

a. Kirsten Stirling

b. Rachel Falconer

c. Enit Steiner

  1. Who worked on a volume called Essential Grammar in Use?

a. Boris Vejdovsky

b. Roelof Overmeer

c. Martine Hennard Dutheil

  1. Who is in charge of the department’s Language Lab?

a. Louise Gladwin

b. Marie Emilie Walz

c. Alexandre Fachard

  1. Who, amongst others, is working on late medieval religiosity in England?

a. Camille Marshall

b. Mary Flannery

c. Diana Denissen

  1. Who directed a Mémoire on “urban sprawl and the hip hop revolution”?

a. Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet

b. Alexandre Fachard

c. Marco Nievergelt

  1. Who wrote a volume on Hell in contemporary literature?

a. Philip Lindholm

b. Patricia Ronan

c. Rachel Falconer

  1. Who studied at the University of Vienna?

a. Anita Auer

b. Marije van Hattum

c. Najat Zein

  1. Who is working on contemporary Colombian television?

a. Rachel Nisbet

b. Isis Giraldo

c. Tino Oudesluijs

  1. Who is in charge of the Advanced Essay-Writing Workshop?

a. Kader Hegedüs

b. Denis Renevey

c. Marie Walz

  1. Who published a book on Jane Austen in Switzerland?

a. Valérie Cossy

b. Kader Hegedüs

c. Jurg Schwyter

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