• Yujian Diao, PhD

    Congratulations to Yujian for officially obtaining his PhD! We wish you all the best in your next adventure as data engineer for CSL Behring in Bern!

  • More MicMappers on board
    This Fall, three new (brave?) sailors joined the MicMap ship. Read all about Jasmine Nguyen-Duc, Andreea Hertanu and Inès de Riedmatten.
  • MicMappers at *the* ISMRM Diffusion Workshop 2022
  • ISMRM 2022

    A week filled with high-end science and fun for the MicMapLab at ISMRM 🙂

  • Ileana Jelescu receives ERC Starting Grant

    The lab’s research so far was aimed at turning MRI into an in vivo microscope for brain ‘static’ microstructure. With this additional ERC grant (1.5M EUR for 5 years), Ileana plans to develop a different technique, FIREPATH, to capture ‘dynamic’ microstructure fluctuations resulting from brain activity. FIREPATH will fill the current gap of detecting activity also in brain white matter and enable a first-of-its-kind comprehensive mapping of brain function on clinical MRI scanners. The functional integrity of white matter withholds tremendous diagnostic and prognostic value for neurosurgical planning, and for neurological and psychiatric diseases.