PhD & Postdoc positions

PhD & Postdoc positions

Open positions on SNSF Sinergia: Hi-Fi Directional Connectome

BACKGROUND: Human connectomics provide a biologically meaningful representation for complex brain data, in health and disorder. We aim to harness the latest cutting-edge mapping technologies, combining high density EEG with advanced diffusion MRI, and novel graph signal processing methods, to develop the next generation high-fidelity connectome framework. In particular, we aim to yield a tailored brain data representation as a large-scale directed graph. This precision neuroimaging framework will be clinically applied to focal epilepsy.
PROJECT AND OPEN POSITIONS: This Sinergia project, funded by the Swiss National Science foundation, is led by Prof. Patric Hagmann (CHUV-UNIL), Prof. Serge Vulliémoz (HUG-UNIGE) and Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville (EPFL-UNIGE), in collaboration with Prof. Pieter van Mierlo (Ghent University), Dr. Katharina Glomb (Charité Berlin), Prof. Ileana Jelescu (CHUV-UNIL) and Prof. Olivier David (Aix-Marseille University).

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Open positions on ERC StG- awarded ‘FIREPATH’

Non invasive mapping of activity within white matter fibers is currently out of reach, including for fMRI techniques whose contrast relies on the hemodynamic response to neural activity. Diffusion fMRI (dfMRI) relies instead on activity-dependent dynamic fluctuations in neuron and astrocyte microstructure. We propose FIREPATH, a dfMRI-based method, to fill the gap of detecting activity also in the brain white matter and enable a first-of-its-kind comprehensive mapping of brain function across gray and white matter on clinical MRI scanners.
FIREPATH was awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant and is funded by SEFRI (Swiss relay to Horizon Europe).

Postdoctoral position in diffusion fMRI
On this mission, we are looking for an ambitious scientist to develop and validate FIREPATH on clinical MRI systems. This includes task and resting-state fMRI experiments in highly controlled conditions, and innovative data analysis methods.
A strong background in MRI physics, as well as interest in experimental work are mandatory. Experience with fMRI and/or diffusion MRI are a plus.

START DATE: Spring 2023 (flexible). Funding is available for two years, with possible extension.
Interested? Email Ileana!

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