The Microstructure Mapping Lab (mic-map!) is led by Prof. Ileana Jelescu and is affiliated to the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and to the Radiology Department of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV). Our group aims to develop an in vivo microscope of brain structure and function, using diffusion & functional MRI.
To this end, we work on the development and validation of new biophysical models of diffusion in tissues and of novel functional MRI contrasts, specific to neuronal activity.
These tools are then applied towards understanding the interplay between microstructure and function in neurological and psychiatric diseases.


Join us on April 19th @ 21:00 UTC for the next @ISMRM DSG virtual meeting:

Virtual Biopsies by Diffusion MRI: Are We There Yet in Oncology?

Our fantastic lineup of speakers will present current opinions and recent advances from research to the clinic, & the body to the brain.

Congratulations to the 🇨🇭 hospitals in question: @Unispital_USZ, @CHUVLausanne and @UniSpitalBasel 👏

The ranking was carried out by @Newsweek and global data firm @StatistaCharts who ranked over 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries. 🏥

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/rankings/worlds-best-hospitals-2023

MRI is 50! Today marks the 50th anniversary of Lauterbur’s seminal Nature paper (https://mri-q.com/uploads/3/4/5/7/34572113/lauterbur_nature_1973.pdf). We have come a long way since then! @ISMRM @cai2r @NYUImaging #MRI

Starting off the Standardization Study Group session by @ESMI_STANDARD with two great talks from @grandjeanlab and @ShemeshL and so many resources available out there for all of us to standardise how we run and analyse MRI! Stay posted for other modalities! #EMIM2023

The @OHBM tractography course is back & going FULL DAY! Double the learning, double the pasta jokes, double the flamenco dancers. With @arokem @CatherineALebel L.Petit @IleanaJelescu @GabrielPGirard L.O’Donnell @FangChengYeh @ThijsDhollander M.Grotheer @BryceGeeraert @BANDlab_mgh https://twitter.com/FrancoisRheault/status/1635734835246366745

Francois Rheault (8$™) @FrancoisRheault

A Diffusion MRI & Tractography & Tractometry Educational Session has been accepted at OHBM2023 in Montreal!

We have a great list of speakers for everyone interested in learning about it!

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