The Microstructure Mapping Lab (mic-map!) is led by Prof. Ileana Jelescu and is affiliated to the School of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and to the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV). Our group aims to develop an in vivo microscope of brain structure and function, using diffusion & functional MRI.
To this end, we work on the development and validation of new biophysical models of diffusion in tissues and of novel functional MRI contrasts, specific to neuronal activity.
These tools are then applied towards understanding the interplay between microstructure and function in neurological and psychiatric diseases.


New on the HNP website: “On the benefits of concurrent TMS-fMRI”! Read about how this neuroimaging technique can provide proof of target engagement, study brain network connectivity, and establish causality. #TMS #fMRI #neuroimaging

Check it out now at https://hnp.fcbg.ch/project/tms-fmri/

Looking for a research internship in quantitative MRI?
We are looking for a motivated and talented Master/Engineer student to join our team with possible extansion to a funded PhD project.
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Hot from press ! 🔥Our world’s first hybrid magnetic resonance optoacoustic scanner for functional neuroimaging. Stay tuned for the BOLD mysteries to be finally unveiled. Incredible technical achievement by Zhenyue Chen, Irmak Gezginer et al #MRI #MSOT https://twitter.com/LightSciAppl/status/1597204946633469952

LightSciAppl @LightSciAppl

#LSA_Highlight: [Original Article] Hybrid magnetic resonance and optoacoustic tomography (MROT) for preclinical neuroimaging. @UZH_en @ETH_en #Imaging_and_sensing #Photonic_devices

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