Machine Learning at UNIL: Poster presentations

Poster Presentations

Thursday 8th of June 2023
Campus UNIL (Location: TBA)

Submission is open!

Machine learning approaches are gaining importance in different fields of investigation at UNIL, for instance in medicine and biology, geo-environmental science, economy, and psychology.  In these areas, data can enable us to understand the relationship between different predictors and a given disease, to diagnose various conditions from medical images, to understand atmospheric processes, to assess environmental risks and improve their predictability, to take more informed decisions about our business, to formulate psychological theories mathematically allowing to make predictions.

This half-day meeting aims to bring together advanced master and PhD students, Post-Doctoral and senior researchers which research deals with machine learning. The main goal is to initiate a dialogue about the different issues we face when performing and developing innovative methodologies of mining, analysis, modelling and visualization of data. We welcome empirical studies, new and innovative technologies, theories, models, and strategies of knowledge extraction based on machine learning.

The event is free of charge (except for the poster printing) and will take place on Thursday 8th of June 2023 from 9h00 to 12h00 al UNIL (exact location TBA). If you wish to present a poster, please register before 31.03.2023 under the following link:

If you only want to visit the poster session, please register and write “Visitor” in the irrelevant fields (Poster Description and Keywords). This information will be used to estimate the number of croissants and coffee we need for the coffee break 😉

If you have any question, please send an email to or to