Welcome on the website of the Swiss Geocomputing Centre (SGC) of the Faculty of Geosciences and EnvironmentUniversity of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The recent development of quantitative methods allowing to perform intelligent data reduction and suitable analysis, as well as predictive process modelling, is a central issue in geo-environmental and socio-economic sciences. In these domains, numerical data are nowadays massively available and discovering interesting spatial or intrinsic patterns is a challenging task that led scientists to search for new tools. In parallel, scientists need to generate analytical and numerical solutions to quantify and predict complex physical-chemical processes.
To respond to these needs, the Swiss Geocomputing Centre federates interdisciplinary research across natural and human sciences, regrouping different domains of research from the geo- and environmental sciences into a dynamic and method oriented team.
With a clear meaning of GeoComputing as emerging discipline at the intersection of geosciences and computation, our main purpose is to bring together researchers dealing with computational and modeling approaches with respect to geo-environmental issues and to promote related activities.