Computation resources to the UNIL community

Scientific Computing and Research Support Unit (DCRS)

The Scientific Computing and Research Support Unit  (Division calcul et soutien à la recherche, DCSR, in French) provide computation and storage resources to the UNIL community as well as transverse expertise to the various faculties of the University and its affiliated institutes. The expertise ranges from high performance computing (HPC) programming support to full stack development consulting missions.

Link: DCSR homepage

HPC support to GSE researchers

In particular, a team with expertise in High-Performance Computing (HPC) is providing free support to GSE researchers in a wide range of topics, including parallelization and optimization of codes, benchmarking, algorithm development and implementation, and help with computing time applications to HPC centers such as the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS).

Collaborations in mid/long-term projects are encouraged. Here are some examples of topics:

  • Adapting code to the high-performance computing infrastructure (parallelization, optimization)
  • Advise/help with designing and implementing numerical schemes/algorithmic
  • Assistance to the infrastructure of the DCSR: running on the cluster, running on virtual machines, data storage
  • Automatization of data post-processing pipelines
  • Refactoring of code in view of public sharing and/or social development

The team members are Flavio Calvo and Margot Sirdey. Both specialized in scientific computing, they will be happy to help you!
Flavio and Margot can be directly reached by e-mail at or during the weekly drop-in session (on Tuesdays mornings, at Geopolis 4631, UNIL).