3D models

In geosciences, 3D models are one of the most valuable data types, they are so versatile and can be used for many different applications. Below, a dataset with swiss 3D models : swissALTI3D, swissSURFACE3D, swissSURFACE3D Raster, swissBATHY3D, DHM 25and DHM/200m. More information about the technical details for this dataset below.



  • swissALTI3D is an extremely precise digital elevation model which describes the surface of Switzerland without vegetation and development.
  • Applications :
    1. Height data-set in a geographic information system
    2. 3D visualisations, simulations and visibility analyses
    3. Mapping small structures and forest paths
    4. Planning tool in the fields of spatial planning, telecommunications, natural hazards and forestry
    5. Ortho-rectification of aerial and satellite images


  • swissSURFACE3D models all natural and man-made objects of the surface of Switzerland in the form of a classified point cloud. These high-accuracy and high spatial density data are collected by airborne LiDAR.
  • Applications :
    1. Automatic 3D modelling of buildings and other landscape objects
    2. Volumes calculation
    3. Study of the forest: map of cuts, calculation of biomass, planning of cuts, digital canopy models
    4. 3D modelling of ground-based elements under vegetation cover such as forest roads or watercourses
    5. Creation of digital terrain models
    6. Creation of digital surface models

swissSURFACE3D Raster

  • swissSURFACE3D Raster is a digital surface model (DSM) which represents the earth’s surface including visible and permanent landscape elements such as soil, natural cover, and all sorts of constructive work with the exception of power lines and masts.
  • Applications :
    1. Runoff and mass movement models under consideration of vegetation and buildings
    2. Production of (True)-Orthophotos
    3. Modelling of the solar energy potential for roofs
    4. Rendering of 3D-visulaisations
    5. Line-of-sight calculations
    6. Biomass modelling for forestery
    7. Canopy height models with swissALTI3D as terrain model
    8. Disaster analysis (e.g. rock fall or debris flow events)


  • swissBATHY3D contains bathymetric data in the form of a very accurate digital elevation model that describes the topography of the Swiss lakebeds.
  • Applications :
    1. Planning and implantation of underwater constructions
    2. Underwater navigation for divers and submarines
    3. Boat Navigation
    4. Environmental studies relating to lakebeds

DHM25 and DHM/200m

  • Digital height model DHM25 and DHM/200m are a set of data representing the 3D form of the earth’s surface without vegetation and buildings. It is essentially based on the 1:25,000 Swiss national map. DHM/200m can be used for larger scale processes as the grids are 200m big. The size of the grids for DHM25 are 25m big.
  • Applications :
    • DHM25 and DHM/200m can be used wherever computations of the topography of the earth’s surface are required. In other words, it is a basic dataset for geographic information systems. For example, it can be used for making calculations of terrain sections, simulating avalanches, constructing terrain models, carrying out visibility studies, planning telecommunication antennas or visualisations of landscapes. The range of potential uses is very broad.


Product namepixel size [m]projectionCovered area
swissALTI3D0.5 or 2.0LV95 LN02Switzerland
swissSURFACE3Dpoint cloudLV95 LN02Switzerland except: Jura, Bern and Valais. Will be available from 2023
swissSURFACE3D Raster0.5LV95 LN02Switzerland except: Jura, Bern and Valais. Will be available from 2023
swissBATHY3D1, 2 or 3 depending on the lakeLV95 LN02Lake Ägeri, Lake Biel, Lake Brienz, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva, Lac de Joux, Lake Lucerne, Lake Morat, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Thun, Lake Zug, Lake Zürich
DHM2525LV03 LN02Switzerland
DHM25 / 200m200LV03 LN02Switzerland