Geodata Professionals


  • GeoDataSolutions is a company gathering GIS and data acquisition professionals. They are specialised in cartographic creations, data and flow modelling, spatial and spatio-temporal analyses, 2D, 3D, aggregation of several cartographic sources, cartographic dashboards, etc.
  • Application :
    • Any types, linked with specific needs in geodata and GIS ones. They produce specialised data adapted to your needs, which makes it convenient for several types of jobs. For example
      1. Map creation
      2. Flow modelling
      3. Spatial & spatio-temporal analysis
      4. 3D cartographic ressources usage


  • GEODATA is an Austrian company producing geodata on demand, covering several types of needs. Mostly mining, tunnelling and infrastructure building.
  • Application:
    1. Mining optimisation
    2. Mining sites identification
    3. Tunnelling safety monitoring & optimisation
    4. Infrastructures building


  • RaspberryShake produces low-cost seismometers, accessible to anyone from professionals to schools and hobby users. The global network has over 1500 stations running. The waveform images are available real-time.
  • Application:
    • Raspberry Shake is producing seismometers at relatively low cost, useful for all types of studies needing seismic data, companies willing to obtain data from a certain location, hobbyist with a personnel interest in seismic activity, etc.