D.Day 2010


Program D.Day 2010

8:30 Registration and mounting of posters
9:00 “Novel anti-viral strategies against human pathogenic arenaviruses” Prof. Stefan Kunz
9:45 Meet the neighbors: selected talk from abstracts
10:05 Poster session (odd numbers) around coffee and croissants
11:00 Meet the neighbors: selected talk from abstracts
11:20 “Floral signals, pollinator behavior, and plant evolution” Prof. Florian Schiestl
12:05 Lunch
13:45 Meet the neighbors: selected talks from abstracts
14:45 Poster session (even numbers)
15:45 “New concepts on the origin, nature and role of viruses in the evolution of life” Prof. Patrick Forterre
16:30 Poster awards


Meet your neighbors: selected talks from abstract

  • “Characterization of the repairing abilities and the suppressive activities of peripheral blood monocytic cells from Crohn’s disease patients” – Fabrizia D’angelo
  • “Growth-related heat production of moulds in the presence of antifungals – a novel rapid real-time method for antifungal susceptibility testing” – Ulrika Furustrand
  • “PPARbeta in astrocyte maturation and functions” – Matthew Hall
  • “Development of a micro fluidic device utilizing whole cell biosensors as arsenite detectors” – Merulla Davide
  • “Phenotypic characterization of canine dendritic cells in atopic dermatitis” – Meret Ricklin Gutzwiller


Committee 2010

Lukas Baitsch (Ludwig)
Claire Bertelli (IMUL)
Nayuta Brand (DEE)
Damiano del Vescovo (DPT)
Emanuela Frangipani (DMF)
Noémie Gardiol (Ludwig)
Andreas Joosten (IRA-CHUV)
Laeticia Kolly (DAL)
Julien Roux (DEE)
Nadia Steiner (CHUV)
Armand Valsesia (Ludwig)