D.Day 2009

Program D.Day 2009

 8:30  Registrations and mounting of posters
 9:00  “Epithelia re-invented: How plants build the cellular interface between their roots and the soil”. Professor Niko Geldner, DBMV UNIL
 10:00  Poster session (odd numbers) around coffee and croissants
 11:00  “Evidence for a direct benefit of genetic recombination”. Professor Dieter Ebert, UNIBAS
 12:00  Lunch
 13:45  Meet your neighbors : selected talks from abstracts
 14:45  Poster session (even numbers)
 15:45  “Biology of mammalian prions”, Professor Adriano Aguzzi, UNIZH
 17:00  Poster Awards and apéritif


Committee 2009

Claire Bertelli (IMUL)
Nayuta Brand (DEE)
François Collyn (IMUL)
Emanuela Frangipani (DMF)
Noémie Gardiol (Ludwig)
Andreas Joosten (CHUV)
Julien Roux (DEE)
Nadia Steiner (CHUV)
Romain Studer (DEE)
Robin Tecon (DMF)
Armand Valsesia (Ludwig)