08:30  Registration and Posters pin up

09:00  Welcome

09:05  Prof. Jan-Willem Veening – Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL, Switzerland
Collective resistance in microbial communities by intracellular antibiotic deactivation”

09:50  Student talk 1: J. Wellbourne-Wood – Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, UNIL
“Imaging extracellular potassium dynamics in brain tissue using a potassium-sensitive nanosensor”

10:05  Poster session 1 and coffee break

10:45  Student talk 2: A. Baldo – Department of Dermatology, CHUV
“Role of Th17 vs neutrophil-derived IL-26 in skin inflammation”

11:00  Student talk 3: I. Labgaa – Department of Visceral Surgery, CHUV
“Ultra-deep sequencing of plasma DNA identifies druggable mutations in hepatocellular carcinoma”

11:15  Prof. Thomas Speck – Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg, Freiburg University, Germany
Bioinspired solutions for architecture and building construction”

12:00  Lunch break

13:00  Student talk 4: A. Vucicevic – Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL
“Characterization of a large 14-kb operon involved in conjugative transfer of ICEclc of Pseudomonas knackmussii B13”

13:15  Student talk 5: T.G. Andersen – Department of Molecular Plant Biology, UNIL
“The root passage cell – Just another brick in the wall?”

13:30   Prof. Christel Vérollet – Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology, Toulouse, France
Role of macrophages in HIV-1 pathogenesis and in the context of co-infection with Tuberculosis”

14:15  Poster session 2 and coffee break

15:00  Student talk 6: E. Durandau – Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL
“Dynamic measurement of kinase activity in live single cell”

15:15  Guest talk – Start-up

15:45  Prof. Daniel Durstewitz – Department of Theoretical Neuroscience, Heidelberg University, Germany
The Quest for the Neural Code”

16:30  Presentation and Poster Awards, Closing remarks

16:45  Apéro and Networking

20:00  Speakers dinner in Lausanne