08:30  Registration with coffee and croissants, posters pin up

09:00  Welcome by ADAS

09:05  Francesca Siclari – Center for Investigation and Research on Sleep, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland.
The EEG signatures of dreaming

09:50  Student talk 1: R. Vazquez Nunez Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL.
Catch me if you can: the topology of DNA entrapment by SMC complexes”

10:05  Poster session 1 (odd numbers) and coffee break

10:45  Student talk 2: I.T. Schrijver Infectious Diseases Service, CHUV.
Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in healthy subjects infused with endotoxin”

11:00  Student talk 3: P. Piccardi – Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL.
Toxicity drives mutualism in a small bacterial community”

11:15  Carlos Guillén Viejo – Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
Hyperactivation of MTORC1, aging and pancreatic β cells

12:00  Lunch break

13:00  Student talk 4: M.R. Aebi  Institute of Sport Sciences, UNIL.
EEG activity and cognitive function in pilot trainees exposed to acute hypobaric hypoxia”

13:15  Student talk 5: H. de Castro Abrantes Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, UNIL.
“The lactate receptor HCAR1 modulates neuronal network activity through the activation of Gαi and Gβɣ subunits”

13:30   Wendy Russell – The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, UK.
The Human Gut Metabolome

14:15  Poster session 2 (even numbers) and coffee break

15:00  Student talk 6: S. Brochet Department of Fundamental Microbiology, UNIL.
Coexistence of related bacteria within the honey bee gut microbiota influenced by host diet”

15:15  Start-up talk: Michael Siegert from Resistell.

15:45  Jonathan Cooper – Division of Biomedical Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK.
Origami Diagnostics – Low cost medical testing in rural communities using paper folding

16:30  Presentation and Poster Awards, Closing remarks

16:45  Apéro and Networking

20:00  Speakers dinner in Lausanne