Paper on coevolution database

Paper by Meyer, Dib et al. on “CoevDB: a database of intramolecular coevolution among protein-coding genes of the bony vertebrates” published in Nucleic Acid Research.

Abstract: The study of molecular coevolution, due to its potential to identify gene regions under functional or structural constraints, has recently been subject to numerous scientific inquiries. Particular efforts have been conducted to develop methods predicting the presence of coevolution in molecular sequences. Among these methods, a few aim to model the underlying evolutionary process of coevolution, which enable to differentiate the shared history of genes to coevolution and thus improve their accuracy. However, the usage of such methods remains sparse due to their expensive computational cost and the lack of resources alleviating this issue. Here we present CoevDB (, a database containing the result of a large-scale analysis of intramolecular coevolution of 8201 protein-coding genes of bony vertebrates. The web interface of CoevDB gives access to the results to 800 millions of statistical tests corresponding to all the pairs of sites analyzed. Several type of queries enable users to explore the database by either targeting specific genes or by discovering genes having promising estimations of coevolution.