Students and others


  • Sagane Dind: “Genetic basis of the symbiosis between clownfishes and sea anemones: Transcriptomic profile of the epidermal mucus of three clownfish species” (master project supervised by Anna Marcionetti)
  • Baptiste Micheli: “Large-scale phylogeny of clownfishes and role of hybridization in their adaptive radiation” (master project supervised by Sarah Schmid)
  • Léonard Jéquier: “Automatically classifying clownfish pictures datasets at the species level” (first step project supervised by Rocío Rama Ballesteros)
  • Suparatagul Ananporn: “The evolution of melanocortin genes in vertebrates” (SUR undergraduate research programme)


  • Caroline Cosnard: “Towards resolving rapid and complex evolutionary histories thanks to phylogenomics: The example of the clownfish adaptive radiation” (master project supervised by Joris Bertrand)
  • Alberto Garcia Jimenez: “Population genetics and niche modeling of Amphiprion clarkii” (master project supervised by Sarah Schmid)
  • Sara Heim: “The lipidome signature of clownfish mucus to understand the mutualistic interaction with the sea anemone” (master project co-supervised by Julijana Ivanisevic)
  • Virginie Ricci: “Identification of putative CNE potentially associated with the clownfish adaptive radiation” (master project supervised by Anna Marcionetti)
  • Karim Saied: “Data extraction and machine learning in features involved in coevolution” (first step project supervised by Rocío Rama Ballesteros)
  • Lara Wootton: “Positive selection in genes involved in the clownfish adaptive radiation” (SUR undergraduate research program)


  • Victor Rossier: “Uncovering the genetic basis of clownfish mutualism with sea anemone
    using whole-genome analyses of positive selection” (master project supervised by Anna Marcionetti)
  • Joaquim Claivaz: “Validation of complex Brownian motion process for trait evolution analysis using fossil information” (first step project supervised by Martha Liliana Serrano-Serrano)
  • Jenny Panziera: “Phylogeography of the blacktip reef shark” (first step project supervised by Nadia Bruyndonckx)
  • Anthony Sonrel: “The vertebrate diversity gradient across the world: a descriptive and phylogenetic analysis” (first step supervised by Jonathan Rolland)


  • Marion Patxot Bertran: “Gesneriaceae transcriptomic database” (first step project supervised by Martha Liliana Serrano-Serrano)
  • Nicolò Tartini: “Phylogeny, tree dating and trait diversification of 43 species of Tillandsioideae” (first step project supervised by Talita Mota Machado)
  • Thomas Kaltenbach: “Palm diversification in the Neotropics: Geographic range evolution of Geonoma (Arecaceae)” (first step project supervised by Oriane Loiseau)
  • Victor Rossier: worked on a variety of projects dealing with genomic data during his civil service.


  • Anna Marcionetti: “Comparative transcriptomics of pollination shifts” (master project supervised by Martha Serrano)
  • Emily Staub: “Evolution of proteins classes in vertebrates” (first step project supervised by Linda Dib)


  • Laure Cattin: “Investigating how the different life-history characteristics of species influence vertebrate age, using comparative analysis” (master project co-directed by Sylvain Dubey)
  • Laurélène Faye: “Evidences for depth specific selection pressures on LWS cone opsin and body morphology in clownfish” (master project supervised by Glenn Litsios)
  • Rémi Matthey-Doret: “Habitat settlement strategy impacts on clownfish response to habitat destruction” (master project supervised by Glenn Litsios)
  • Usama Mukhtar: “Positive selection in opsin genes in the clownfish” (SUR undergraduate research programme)


  • Chantal Hoff: “Coevolution in mammalian genes” (SUR undergraduate research programme)
  • Nils Arrigo: “Grassweb database” (civil service; July to October 2012)
  • Balazs Laurenczy: “Grassweb visualisation” (civil service; April to September 2012)


  • Addison Martin: “Evolution of AMF genes for phosphate intake”(SUR undergraduate research programme with Prof. Uta Pazkowski)


  • Sarah Burgy: “Evolution of the ecological niche in invasive species of the Polygonaceae family” (master project supervised by Anna Kostikova)
  • Jonathan El-Assad: “Phylogeography of Abies alba in the Western Alps” (master project co-supervised by Guillaume Besnard)
  • Eros Gentilini: “Population structure and phylogeography of Ambrosia artemisiifolia” (master project co-supervised by Antoine Guisan)
  • Maïté Guignard: “Mode of speciation in the Codonanthe Nematanthus species complex” (master project co-supervised by Mathieu Perret, Botanical Gardens Geneva).
  • Carrie A. Simms: “Niche evolution in clownfish” (SUR undergraduate research project)


  • Glenn Litsios: “Generation time and molecular clock effects on ancestral character inference” (master project; automated pipeline to do the simulations)