2020 - Winter

Poems by Kimberley Perrenoud

Author: Kimberley Perrenoud

A Strange Autumn


When I see the sun, I go out for some fun

When I see the rain, I stay inside and fill my brain

When there is thunder, I start using a highlighter

And when the weather is cloudy, I feel like writing poetry

When arrives the second lockdown

We all have a reason to feel down

But I will lie down on the lawn

And look at the stars all alone

Maybe till dawn

Stormy Sky
Stormy Sky – ©️Kimberley Perrenoud


Tough Time

At the moment Life is hard

But not so much

When you are lucky enough

To have a yard

Listen to the birds outside your window

Try not to be overwhelmed by sorrow

Have a look! Somewhere might appear a rainbow

Which will lift up your spirits, I know

Waterfall -©️Kimberley Perrenoud


One for All and All for One

We are having online courses – To alleviate the work of nurses

As a community we should be stronger than ever

But instead of struggling together – It turned out that people don’t care about one another

While people are dying from that virus every day – Nobody in the streets seems to care today

All people do is complain about the new sanitary measure – They don’t understand that these rules were not made for pleasure

But that we need to follow the rules today – If tomorrow we want to be able to say

“The pandemic is now behind us! – It is no longer risky to take the bus!

We survived as a community – We have not let down the elderly

Nor all the young, and so-called ‘healthy’ – Who could also have died in our country

We took the matter seriously – And we can, once again, be happy!”

It is today that efforts should be made – If tomorrow we want this crisis to fade


Every single person in this country has to make a sacrifice – Because as we saw the rules don’t suffice

Be careful now more than ever – If you want all of this to be over

If you want to see your favorite festivals again – Please, please now use your brain

And understand that if today you don’t care – You are going to send your grandma to the intensive care

Or maybe your asthmatic friend – Or maybe your healthy boy/girlfriend

Remember that you are only a human – An ordinary woman or man, not Superman or Wonder Woman

And that the virus kills as it pleases


So now do your bit for your neighbor – For your grandparents, your cousins and many more

‘cause who you infect on Monday – Can infect your brother on Friday

There is nothing magical that will save us – If you continue to let spread the virus

Half of the population is not enough – To stop this dangerous cough

If tonight you don’t listen up – If you don’t act as a grown-up

Please please you all know someone – Who could die from it and maybe not only one

So wake up immediately – And start acting responsibly

For no one can resurrect your sister

When she will have to suffer the consequences of you, DANGER !

Love tag
Love tag -©️Kimberley Perrenoud


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